Vol. 4 Ch. 5 P. 4

dawn, sky, airplane

You are here. You are who you think you are.
Tomorrow, when you wake up,
you’ll still remember where you’ve been and where you’re going.

As long as this is true, you have everything you need.

Vol. 4 Ch. 5 P. 3

seagull, flight, bird

You want to give up
and accept that it’s meant for someone else,
yet you don’t stop
because sometimes, you can’t not try,
and that alone is reason enough.

Vol. 4 Ch. 5 P. 2

shadows, demons

Life is a battlefield for fighting your demons, not each other.

Vol. 4 Ch. 5 P. 1

face, portrait

Simple joys —
a soft touch,
a low whisper,
a warm embrace,
a sweet kiss —
as quick as a heartbeat
but as resonant as the toll of a church bell
with echoes reverberating into time
long after the moment has gone …

These are the little pieces
I sew into the quilt of my mind
where colorful scraps,
small and insignificant alone,
become a vast expanse of comforting warmth.
Layers upon layers of treasured memories —
spanning minutes, hours, days,
months, years, even decades —
blend into each other to form a consciousness
that is defined by you,
and only you.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 6

history of things

You go to museums to learn about the history of things.
But you do not know where to go to learn about yours.