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I rode my time machine to meet who you were, who you could be, who you could have been, and who you would be. But I'm happy to be back to who you are right now -- the one standing next to me.

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 33

Somehow, we managed to have a past and a future together without ever figuring out the present.

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 32

You search for suns because you believe moons are not enough. Yet, moons still shine for you in your darkest nights.

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 31

Don't get me wrong. I'm not leaving because I'm giving up. I'm leaving because I want to come back.

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 30

Maybe there's a place out there where everything we've ever lost could be found again. Like the cap of my blue pen, or the top button of your favorite shirt, or maybe even the cushion of our old chair. Maybe, just maybe, I would find you there.

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 29