Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 28

I long to be awakened from this seemingly perfect slumber I’m in.
I long to see the sun, the moon and everything in between.
I long to hear my own heart beating,
feel it burning under my skin.
I long to live before I die.

26 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Ch. 2 P. 28

  1. I’m gonna get a bit personal here.. for a long time I’ve been struggling with some difficult problems. And sometimes it hasn’t felt like I’m living my life, like I’ve only been standing aside watching.. But I’m fighting to get back there in the game and start actually living. Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. I am always looking forward to see what is u’re next post because I am always in love with the image u use truly captivating and the lines so deep ….

      • I second her recommendation, and I think you can see the same theme running through all of the Narnia books in more subtle ways. That reality and life are infinitely beyond what we experience or even imagine experiencing here seems true with a conviction deeper than rationality. I always get that when I look at the night sky, but second to the stars, the clouds seem to best hold the hint of glory for me. The picture and words together as usual are very well chosen.

  3. When I look at your blog I find myself living a life that dances with the beauty of sunlight, the power of a sky roiled up with immense clouds, and visions that shine beyond the veil of who we are in the everyday. This is wonderful.

  4. A few deep and meaningful words which resonate with me in many different ways.

    The photograph is superb and if it was a painting I would suggest Turner. That sounds as though I know about art; I don’t!! But I did a short art history course which covered Turner’s work and particularly the vortex effect in his work. (I think vortex is correct – I will go look it up!!)


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