Archive for the month "December, 2011"

May the coming year be as bright as the sky will be tonight.

Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 31

We might not have chestnuts roasting on an open fire or snow glistening in a winter wonderland, but just before the year is through, come on -- it's lovely weather for a boat ride together with you.

Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 30

‎For the longest time, I know you've been trying to find your way home, and most of the time, I wish you would. But I must confess that there are times when I wish you wouldn't, so that I could keep you here with me.

Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 29

Just for today, let's not plan where we're going. Let's make nothing but right turns and see where they lead us.

Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 28

You were looking for fireworks, but you were surprised why they ended so soon. Fireworks are so much like young love: a fiery display of colors -- nothing more, nothing less.

Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 27