Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 2

And when all you can do is wait, you do it with grandeur and style.
You make patience an art, and solitude a luxury.


22 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 2

  1. Nicely captured photo and a really interesting yet truthful words to go along with it.. 🙂
    I wish I had the talent for the art of patience though.

  2. This is fabulous in every way!

    I think waiting “with grandeur and style” is a skill to be learned and a satisfying one if and when acquired.

    And, for me, when I can make “solitude a luxury” then I know I am in a healthy place spiritually. For many years I hated my own company and being alone with me was to be in a nightmare. Thankfully today life is no longer like that and my own company pleases me most of the time.

    Her skirt looks like an alternative map of the world! Just an observation!!


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