Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 8

“I want to quit. My feet are aching.”
“But the show must go on. People are watching.”
And so you dance. And so you live.

14 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 8

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  2. this is SO where I am right now … thank you for this

    re-blogging this to my own blog, with a link back to here

    please let me know if I need to remove it ..
    not sure of the proper etiquette in such things?

  3. The bright, happy photo combined with that text, that really feels like it has a deeper meaning (and a little sad (to me)) – makes you think a little. About a lot. Sorry if I’m incoherent 😛

  4. “And so you dance, and so you live” – the never ending marathon… (Like Thomas said in your other post, I love coming here and reading your words….)

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