Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 21

dive, diving, river

“What would you do if you had only one year to live?”
“I would live as if I had only one day left.”

Footnote: Please read this.


15 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 21

  1. What a great motto for passionate, victorious living! And thank you more than I can say for this exuberant photo of the boy diving over the rocks and rapids, with a friend cheering him on?

  2. hm, let me think of it… I honestly don’t know but for sure I am going to give my nephew and my siblings a tight hug and I am not going to leave at least a single second for the whole day… this is sad … :-(, I think about our fellow filipinos who loss their love ones in typhoon Sendong… until now I still feel the strong emotions out of it…

  3. I remember being introduced to the concept of ‘one day at a time’ a lot of years ago. I thought it was a cliche at first, until I tried putting it into practice and realised its power.
    22+ years later I am still sober only one day at a time!!!

    My thoughts are with those people in your country trying to live through the devastation.


  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of so many lives in your country. That is tragic, no matter the time of year! Sending prayers of love and healing to the families who are grieving. Thank you for this post, Background Story.

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