Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 27

fireworks, firecrackers, new year, young, love

You were looking for fireworks,
but you were surprised why they ended so soon.
Fireworks are so much like young love:
a fiery display of colors —
nothing more, nothing less.


14 thoughts on “Vol. 1 Ch. 3 P. 27

  1. This was just such a beautiful moment: me, silence, a coffee mug and then I found this post. I hope that young love will be able to grow into something mature – and not just burn out and cool down…:)

    Lets’keep hoping and trying!


  2. Beautiful picture!! As Angela said I just love the contrast of the fresh greenery with the fireworks.

    I, too, think – not think, know – that young love can have a lasting effect, either positive or negative. Whichever it is we learn from it, if we are willing to!


  3. Lovely photo! I love photography, it is one of my passions. The greenery in the foreground echoes beautifully the display of lights – not often seen on images of fireworks. Great shot!

  4. That is a terrific photograph! Great vegetation in the foreground. The words; Is young love really so meaningless? It often has lasting effects. As does older love, even if different.

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