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You meet your shadow the moment you step into the light.

Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 31

Intramuros, who loves more, places,

Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 30

The rock that bears the scratches of our old promises is now a tombstone for what we once had.

Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 29

After the storm that you've been through, I understand your need to stay on the shore. But honey, until when will you wait? The sea has calmed. Don’t be afraid to sail. The water is fine this time.

Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 28

Time is a tailor weaving a fabric in your mind. It makes tomorrow seem so far away and ten years ago, like yesterday. It gives air for your fantasies to burn but asks for your memories in return. It lets you forget what you want to remember; what you want to forget, you will never. Time is a traitor leaving holes and gaps behind.

Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 27