Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 6

writer, writing, dream, blur, dawn, day

You begin the day with a story in your head.
Yes, you are a writer, only that your stories never get written. Instead, they are lived.
In your head, whenever you have time,
you visit them and live them one after the other —
sometimes staying in one story longer than in the rest.
This is how you escape mediocrity. This is how you survive each day.

18 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 6

  1. I lived like that for over 20 years, living out my stories in my head. I am SO much happier and healthier in every way now that I am actually writing again every day. But I get your point: we are all writers of our own life’s stories as we walk through each day.

  2. Living the story! Wonderful – so much to live for!!!

    And now for the weird comment on your picture! – On Monday I have cataract surgery on my left eye. At the moment the periphery of your picture is what I see; afterwards I would like to think I will see as in the centre of your picture!! Something to look forward to!! And then I can get on with living more stories!


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