Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 11

bantayan island, bantayan, cebu, beach, low tide, shore, sand

Each day, I write letters in the sand.
Then, I watch the waves wash them away.
People around me gather to ask why I even bother.
I don’t say that you are on the other side, waiting for the tide,
for the waves to crash upon the shore —
to hear from me once more.

31 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 1 P. 11

  1. Waves can transmit messages? What a delightful thought! The photo is stunning. The words send the reader on an imaginary journey to a magical world where even water is a message, at least metaphorically. Wonderful conclusion to a trying day.

    • Thank you for another thoughtful comment, Thomas! I’ve always been amazed at what waves can carry in, so why not messages? (= Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about your trying day. I hope everything is okay. How’s everything going now?

  2. The ways and means of communication are mysterious, indeed. Thank you all for this most gorgeous reminder of the need to “keep on, keeping on” with the loving, the reaching out.

  3. You have excelled yourselves this time.

    The photo and the words fit together perfectly
    And I am enchanted by the thought of the writing being washed up on a farther shore.

    I will write on the beach the next time I go to Whitby and think of your words


  4. Oh my. This is by far my favorite post you guys have posted so far. I kowtow to you. ^-^ Bravisimo! It’s like you took everything I feel in my heart, and put it onto a blog. Brilliant… I love this blog. And your BRILLIANT!

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