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You hold on to things because that’s what people do, but some things are meant to be thrown to the wind where they swirl in a burst of color before landing on everywhere and everyone. Like confetti. Like love.

Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 29

We have millions of words, thousands of languages, and hundreds of alphabets to choose from. Yet here we are, as silent as the night, with nothing left to say to each other.

Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 28

mahjong, addiction, vice, sugal, gamble

Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 27

clock, time, fernwood

Vol. 2. Ch. 2 P. 26

All I wanted was some space, but you went ahead and made me the center of your universe. Do not blame me for drifting away.

Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 25