Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 2

bulb, futile, empty,

I tried seduction, flattery and affection, but nothing worked.
I wondered what was wrong, but then you saved me the dilemma
and gave it to me straight —
“You can’t switch on a bulb that’s not there.”

14 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 2

  1. Unfortunately, there are way too many missing bulbs in folks around the world. The only way to turn on their light is to cross some wires and cause some sparks to fly! Then this is so destructive–not good. Bringing more light into the agape type of relationships in the world is what I need an enormous supply of light bulbs for, itwould seem. But wait–God has plenty of light bulbs!

  2. Ouch.

    And I guess that is why they ask if you really want to know the truth because the truth is not as absolute as we think it to be. We say we want closure, but closure is just you denying the fact that the bulb does not exist. Seeking closure is nothing but an excuse to hold on a little longer.

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