Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 20

fairy tales, hansel and gretel, little red riding hood, big bad wolf, chocolate house, candy house, chocolates, cookies

You left nothing but bread crumbs along the path
that finally brought me to you.
Now, you lure me in — so irresistibly this time —
with your sweet words and enchanting smiles
that promise to satiate my all-consuming hunger.
But my dear, I’ve read this story before.
You may be the wicked witch, but I am the big, bad wolf.


13 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 2 P. 20

  1. It makes me feel sad that the house depicted here is a church. I feel sad that the body of believers so often fails to give truth and life and love otherwise it would not be so sweetly empty. I assure you that the building can in fact offer nothing, the sweet filling truth comes from someone much greater than just four walls and a steeple, and He can can in fact satiate even the largest of appetites…a world full of big bad wolves with ever increasing hunger pains, no problem!

  2. I could very easily be lured towards this house! Very tempting.

    Do I take the risk or stay at home with a simple bar of chocolate!:)


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