Vol. 2 Ch. 4 P. 5

summer, beach, cold desserts, dessert, ice cream, summer breeze

I long for the summer —
for the warm breeze through my hair and powdery white sand between my toes;
for mango shakes topped with little umbrellas and lazy afternoons spent in hammocks;
for ice cream melting in my mouth and sliding down my throat;
for fingers that wrinkle after staying too long in the water;
for colorful swimwear, supple bodies, bronzed skin, and tan lines;
for short-lived romances and their lasting memories;
and of course, for clear blue skies and the hot, bright sun.
Summer, summer, summer on my mind.
I am summer’s child, and I long for the summer.


16 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 4 P. 5

  1. All of these lucious joys put me so much in mind of childhood summers at both sets of grandparents, out picnicking and fishing, and joining in community-wide ice cream freezings in the summer! Wonderful and dreamy!

    • No, not all the time. Our summer is March to May. The weather from December to February is relatively cold. Our typhoon season is June to October. Humid mostly, but still very rainy (and not an ideal time to go to the beach).

      • LOL! you people in the tropic countries have no moral right to complain about the climate, I’m sure your winter is still hotter than our spring πŸ˜€

        • Not complaining (we love the weather here), just correcting a misconception! πŸ™‚

          Ah but we don’t have winter here. But the first time I experienced autumn on a trip abroad, I did feel like I was dying from the cold! πŸ˜›

          – L

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