Vol. 2 Ch. 4 P. 20

engine fix, key, car engine, motor engine

When repairing an engine,
the only way to know if you’ve fixed what is broken
is to test the machine.
The same goes for your heart.

9 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 4 P. 20

      • Well C – the selfish inner me hopes your test drive works out in a way that provides tons of blog fodder for all of us to marvel at, without breaking your heart 🙂

          • L – that is terrific news, I am thrilled to hear it. The happy ending part that is, not the fodder history, which sadly shows up in TBS from time to time. Well, not exactly sadly, for us readers, because we love expressions of such fodder, but you know what I mean.

            Have you ever thought that fodder was really quite a strange word – the way it sounds and the way that “cattle food” can be used? I am only just now struck by it.

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