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Manila, Flag, Philippines,Sky, Freedom, Corona Conviction

Vol. 2 Ch. 5 P. 13

Summer is over. Now back to our lives.

Vol. 2 Ch. 5 P. 12

Everything is still and safe, but I've been silent for so long. I'm not asking for a storm -- just a little breeze will do. Or maybe even a wisp of a breath.  Be careful what you wish for, they warn me. But chimes don't make music when there's no wind.

Vol. 2 Ch. 5 P. 11

low tide, shore, washed out,

Vol. 2 Ch. 5 P. 10

You didn't need an enchanted wardrobe to escape to another world. You found an emergency exit at the bottom of vodka bottles.

Vol. 2 Ch. 5 P. 9