Vol. 2 Ch. 7 P. 1

angkor wat, cambodia, tourist, traveler, photographer

You’re too busy looking at the world
that you sometimes don’t notice
when the world is looking back at you.


6 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 7 P. 1

  1. Or, as it happened to me a few months ago: I was at the Bismarck Square in Heidelberg focusing my camera at a young couple kissing and thought that this would be a great shot. Just when I wanted to shoot the photo the young man turned to me and said “Hello Mama!” I had been so focused on the photo that I had not recognized the young couple was my son and his girlfriend.

    • Haha! Did your son realize you were trying to get a pic of him and his girlfriend? 🙂

      Photographers can really get caught up in that perfect moment, which is really great — otherwise, people wouldn’t be able to enjoy looking at beautiful photos! – L

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