Vol. 2 Ch. 9 P. 5

balustrade, balcony, broken

I’m not sorry that I’m not perfect.
I’m just sorry that you think I have to be.

8 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Ch. 9 P. 5

  1. This is so well said, and perfectly illustrated. I don’t know how you all manage this, finding the right image for the words. I am imagining that there is a huge stock of photos and someone with a fantastic visual memory to find things. Or that the words are written to go with a photo already taken. I think it would be harder to have the words and then find a subject to photograph, at least most of the time.

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  3. Seems ironic but I always find myself in situations where it’s me expecting myself to be perfect. This is witty nonetheless. Love the simple yet meaningful photo 🙂

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