Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 5

Sendong,Iligan, Labuyo, Maring,typhoon

You may have destroyed all that we’ve worked for, but that wouldn’t stop us from working.
You may have buried our dreams, but that wouldn’t stop us from dreaming.
Like all the others that have come before you, you failed to break us.

10 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 5

  1. Oh! At Navajo Technical University we have a number of professors who are from the Philippines. Some of their families were affected by the terrible typhoon. The photograph is beautiful, but the reality is beyond difficult, stirring inside the human spirit the need to rebuild even when the losses have been beyond bearing. I hope the rebuilding goes well. The grief never goes away even though, in time, it becomes more bearable.

  2. dropping by to say Hello…
    Hoping all is well in your world….
    Take Care ….You Matter….

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