Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 5


We started out as strangers
and ended up just the same.
But everything in between
was such a wonderful dream.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 4


We’ll never get to the bottom of this
because we are too afraid that all we’ll find
is an empty space.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 3

music, concert, live

Some songs are meant to be understood
only years after you had first heard them.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 2

wendy, peter pan, neverland

Once in every girl’s life, a Peter Pan comes along,
asking her to fly, bringing her to the second star to the right,
and then leaving her in the morning.

Vol. 4 Ch. 4 P. 1

diningtable, meal, dining room, yellow

Until now, I can’t understand how you still wanted more
even when we already had it all.