Vol. 4 Ch. 2 P. 1


A million bricks can build a city.
A million pricks can break a heart.

Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 5

Sendong,Iligan, Labuyo, Maring,typhoon

You may have destroyed all that we’ve worked for, but that wouldn’t stop us from working.
You may have buried our dreams, but that wouldn’t stop us from dreaming.
Like all the others that have come before you, you failed to break us.

Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 4


Some thieves will take even the shirt off their backs.
But you’re no common thief.
You won’t stop until you’ve taken the skin off their bodies.

Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 3


Until now, I wonder about the things you were thinking when you jumped.
Did you think it was the only way out?
Or were you just trying to get into some unknown territory?
I wish I knew.
I wish you could tell me.
It sucks not being able to talk to you.
I miss you.

Vol. 3 Ch. 8 P. 2


I found a place for us.
It isn’t your paradise nor mine —
just an island ready to take orphan souls like you and I.